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How it Works

What is one thing you and everyone you’ve ever met knows about Los Angeles? It’s the home of America’s greatest export – MOVIES! You shouldn’t let a trip to the City of Angels go by without seeing the iconic places where your favorite movies were filmed.

The Movie Guys’ L.A. Film Locations Tour will take you there, with a unique experience catered entirely to what you want to see.

STEP #1: Explore it!

We’ve divided Los Angeles into Five sections:
  • The Hollywood Tour

  • The West Valley Tour

  • The East Valley Tour

  • The West Side Tour

  • The East Side Tour

This way, you can see as much as possible in your time on tour. If we visited more than one section, we’d spend most of your time driving, not vacationing.


On the home page or under "Book a Tour" in the top-of-page menu, you'll see links to the various tours. Pick the one you want, and off we go! Want to see more of L.A.? Contact us to arrange an all-day tour or multiple-sections tour (or even a tour at time not currently never know). If the schedule works, we can arrange that. Additional fees will apply. Or, you can take a couple tours! We're adding new locations regularly.

How LA Film Tours Works

STEP #2: Book it!

You'll see many ways to do it here on the page, either click "Book a Tour" in the top-of-page menu or the "Book Now" button on every page!

STEP #3: Customize it!

Customizing the tour for your liking is crucial. We’d rather not take you to a location you don’t know from a film you haven’t seen when, instead, we can knock out your greatest hits based on your favorite films.

In the booking process, you'll see a large list of locations to choose from. You can narrow that down to TEN locations you'll be guaranteed (and you can list more movies you've seen to fill in the rest of the three hour time slot).

Don't wanna think? After you book, send us and email and we'll put together a greatest-hits-of-the-movies tour we think you'll like!

Your tour starts at a location somewhere in your chosen section (this location will be decided upon booking and will be convenient for you, either your hotel or a nearby location starting point). We’ll meet you there at the time you booked and start showing you around town! Your tour ends at the same place it started (or you may pick a restaurant or bar so you can dine or have a drink there before or after your tour to continue your immersion in L.A. film history).
Let’s break down the unique part:
  • You get to choose the movie locations you want to see, so you can keep it classic places you’ve heard of or just pick the places from the movies you’ve seen! No two tours are alike! And good news, we don’t go near any Kardashian residences. Great side effect - chances are you'll see a lot of other amazing L.A. landmarks along your route! Depending on the tour section you choose, that could include The Hollywood Sign, movie studios, the beach, The Rose Bowl and more!   

  • We get out of the car. We get out and take pics where you can be involved in the photo and interact as much as possible with the location, right down to having lunch or dinner!

  • One-on-one attention. We don’t have a bus, so you won’t get lost in the crowd while we spill a script on you. It’s your party and your party alone on this adventure.


These articles can also give you a good idea of the history of the tour and how it's unique!:

Attractions Magazine




Toyota Prius (1-4 guests) – The Prius is the car where you can pull up to anywhere (movie premieres, Denny’s and everything in between) and you are absolutely welcome there. The inside is spacious and sharp with air conditioning and a great sound system. Water is provided and…there will be snacks. Oh, yes…there will be snacks. And if you think the snacks don’t tie into the movie locations you’re visiting, you’d be thinking incorrectly.

Full disclosure, as you will be enjoying your private tour in a sedan, the back seat fits three, but one guest will be in the middle seat. You will be getting out frequently for photo ops and you could switch who sits where, but just...FYI, should you have a party of four.

Los Angeles TCP #: PSG0040705 

COVID protocol:

Face masks are suggested but not required for all guests while in the vehicle, regardless of vaccination status. Masks must cover the nose and mouth completely. Outside of the vehicle, you're free to enjoy the views/locations masked or unmasked.

​Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms up to 48 hours before their scheduled tour (cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, or chills) will not be able to participate and can receive a full refund or a voucher to return at another date.

California residents can receive a free digital COVID-19 vaccine record HERE. Also, COVID variants are always being monitored and adherence to the rules above may be modified by the driver.


​*An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By traveling with the L.A. Film Locations Tour, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. The L.A. Film Locations Tour is not responsible for the COVID-19 protocols at venues along the route guests choose to enter.

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