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West Side Tour

From the West Side...I Love L.A.!

$350 per car

Classic locations meet modern hits in this tour of movie filming locations in West L.A. cities from Inglewood to Santa Monica.

Featuring the films:


American History X - Basketball Game

American History X - Yinyard Residence

Assault on Precinct 13 - Anderson Police Station

Beverly Hills Cop - The Customs Warehouse

The Big Lebowski - The Dude's Apartment

Falling Down - Venice Pier

Fletch - Fletch's Apartment

Jerry Maguire - Jerry's Condo

L.A. Story - SanDee*'s Apartment

License to Drive - Dean's House

The Lincoln Lawyer - Pub

A Nightmare on Elm St. - 5th Precinct P.D.

A Nightmare on Elm St.

Katja Institute for The Study of Sleep Disorders

A Nightmare on Elm St. - Bridge (Glen and Nancy Talk)

A Nightmare on Elm St.

Tina Grey's House/Freddy Chase Alley

A Nightmare on Elm St., Part III: Dream Warriors -

Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital

Pretty in Pink - Trax Record Store

Ruthless People - The Kessler House

Speed - The Firehouse Diner

Up in Smoke - Pedro's House


And television shows:

7th Heaven - The Camden House

The Golden Girls - The Main House


The following locations are spots where multiple films have been shot:

Randy's Donuts -

2012, Earth Girls are Easy, Into the Night and Iron Man 2

The Bruin Theatre -

Bowfinger and Once Upon a Hollywood

Santa Monica Pier -

Ruthless People, Forrest Gump and The Sting


Restaurants & bars (good for starting or finishing your trip):

True Romance - Rae's Restaurant


Schools (best on the weekend):

Venice High School - American History X,

A Nightmare on Elm St., Part 4: The Dream Master and Grease

Clark Secondary School - Superbad

West Side - no graphics.jpg
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