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Prepare for Your Adventure with These Tips

Prepare for an Epic Time

We will be driving around to your specially picked locations and you'll want to be prepared to photograph, stand-in, and even recreate the moments from your film location choice. So, if you want to dress up and bring props, let's have a blast and make your trip with The L.A. Film Locations Tour memorable. Bring your camera!


This tour will provide water and the occasional snack, but if you have allergies or something special you like to drink (like Caffeine Free Diet Coke) then we suggest you bring it. You should always come prepared with something to hydrate in case you are an avid drinker! Please no alcohol or any other substances. I promise you won't need it, for you'll be in for an adventure of EPIC proportions.  

Things to Keep in Mind

- Some locations look very different from how they looked in the film. Either set decoration achieved a specific look in the movie, or by now the whole location has been repurposed. If a location is just missing entirely, it is not included in this tour.


- Filming continues on here in L.A. so if a location is suddenly unavailable due to a film, T.V. or print shoot, a substitute location will be determined.

- Don't forget to pick a restaurant or bar from the lists of locations you can choose from. It can be used as the starting point and you can see it before or after the tour and it doesn't have to count towards your ten guaranteed locations!

- Don't hesitate to reach out if you need an alternate payment method to what's offered on our website.

- Our tour engages in the following sustainability efforts:

Randy's Donuts

More travel tips to come...

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