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The Horror Tour!!

Everyone's entitled to one good scare...

$350 per car

Classic locations meet modern hits in this tour of horror movie filming locations in cities from Hollywood to Pasadena.

Featuring the films:

A Nightmare on Elm St. - Nancy's House

A Nightmare on Elm St. - Springwood High School (exterior)

Christine - Arnie Cunningham's House

Drag Me to Hell - Christine Brown's House

Ghoulies - Jonathan Graves' Mansion

Halloween - Laurie Strode's House

Halloween - Lindsey Wallace's House/Tommy Doyle's House

Halloween - Michael Myers' House

Halloween - The Hedge/Annie Brackett's House/

Lynda van der Klok's House

Halloween (2007) - Haddonfield Elementary School

Halloween (2007) - Laurie Strode's House

Halloween (2007) - Michael Myers' House

House - Roger Cobb's House

Phantasm II - Funeral Home

Poltergeist II: The Other Side - Gramma Jess' House

Psycho - Car Lot

The Fog - The Church

And television shows:

American Horror Story (season 1) - Murder House

Michael Jackson's Thriller - The House

What We Do in the Shadows (season 1)The Mansion

The following locations are spots where multiple films have been shot:

Rialto Theatre -

A Nightmare on Elm St., Part 4 - The Dream Master, Scream 2

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